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[NAS DIY] 小巧自組 NAS,J4105+蝸牛星際改造記錄

去年做了第一台自組 NAS,一直運作到目前大約也半年了,狀況一直是蠻穩定的。不過有一些小缺點,第一是功耗太高,第二是體積還是太大了。這次把重點放在主機板的省電和機殼的體積 這次組裝的目標,除了追求省錢和效能的平衡,另外再考慮功耗和體積兼具的自組 NAS 最小化體積、最小化功耗 4 bay 以上 花費盡量在 4000 元上下 機殼和主機板推薦 為了體積,找到對岸的一家廠商叫 U-NAS,自己有做 NAS,同時也賣 NAS 機殼。U-NAS Chassis NSC-410 這個 4 BAY NAS 機殼看起來真香,但一咖要快 4000…


Lower USB mouse polling rate on Raspberry Pi

Recently I’ve been working on mice with 1ms report rate, and I found it having incorrect HID report rate on Raspberry Pi. It needs longer time than I expected to get the results of the HID reports.

Originally, I thought that the mouse polling rate will be the reporting rate of the mouse, which will be 1ms. But I didn’t get the correct output on Raspberry Pi. 

As a result, I learned that Linux can have a fixed polling rate to mice, which will determine how long a mouse is being polled. Rather than the default Linux setting: Using the polling rate as the mouse requested.

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Homebridge on LEDE/OpenWRT routers

What is Homebridge?

Homebridge is a lightweight NodeJS server you can run on your home network that emulates the iOS HomeKit API

– From Homebridge Github

Homebridge can act as iOS HomeKit API provider at your home, enabling adding devices unsupported by Apple HomeKit.
Having a smart home solution can be very easy with Homebridge and many other smart devices.

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